The ECM argument

I thought I’d go ahead and get this out of the way. I have written about this before, but on this blog I want to make sure you know my stance.

And I’m not going to argue with you over it.

I have written about this subject somewhat in the past (, but I didn’t really touch on the crux of the matter.

Those who have it love it; those who don’t loathe it.

I could go on and on about the virtues of ECM, the whines against it, and how it should be left alone by the devs. That is a tired argument, and just like politics, it is inflammatory. No one changes their mind about it. No one changes their stance. It is very much akin to religion.

So stop insulting mine.

From the ECM bible:

“Thou shalt love thy jams as one does their son; loss of either should bring sorrow. The greatest joy in New Eden is the lack of the crimson box of doom from thyne enemy. Dispatch him with haste with missles and drones.” Book of Rook, Chapter 1, verses 1-3.

Ok, corny, I know. But I really believe in it.

Does this mean I don’t fleet up without ECM? Does this mean I don’t solo?

No, it doesn’t. I do those things. I solo in my Vengeance or Enyo. I run small armor fleets. I have used only tracking disruption and sensor dampening. I have had bomb runs. I have ganked.

And they are all fun.

But I love my jams as much., if not more. I love to frustrate my enemies. I have seen and heard my foes’ desperation on Twitch and YouTube.

And I revel in it.

The feeling is awesome. Keeping a Loki completely incapacitated for a 5 minute fight? Awesome sauce. And the sauce is delicious. It fuels me. It keeps me happy.

It keeps me hungry for more.

So, rant and rave all you want. Blow up on the forums. Spit fire and blood and venom on the ECM pilot.

And tell me how it feels to have your shiny be practically useless on the battlefield, how it neutralizes the (over-buffed) advantages of interceptors, how it forces you to play my game.

“Loki, Hurricane, Taranis, Drake, Caracal, Thorax and Arbitrator are all jammed. They are still jammed. They are still jammed. They are still jammed…” – Me, any given night.


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