Helluva tank there, bud

I ran into an Incursus today that, well, was a bitch to take down.

There I was, sitting on the bubble, waiting for the fish to bite…I mean, the ships to come in. Actually, I was sitting at a safe in a Vengeance when my scout saw an Incursus coming to my system. I had just set up a drag bubble on the opposite gate, and I zoomed to it to wait for the ship.

Incursus lands, and we begin to dance. Blam, pow, blam, pow. I have him webbed and scrammed, throwing rockets at him. He is returning the favor with his blasters and Warrior II. I take pot shots at the drone to get its DPS off the field. He retracts it, but sends it out again after a while.

What I don’t notice is that he has not webbed me…only holding scram. This is fine, because I am only AB fit, but I didn’t really put things together in my head until later. His little blasters track just peachy, even when I’m AB-ing around him. Vengeances are just pokey ships.

Blam, pow, blam, pow….we’re both in armor. No worries: I have resists out the ass and a single rep, which is keeping up fine.

His reps, though…jeezus. I get him down a 1/4, blammo: back up. I haven’t yet switched from EM damage, so I pick Rage thermal…just as a guess. I couldn’t remember the Incursus’ strengths, and thermal is a good “catch all”. Blam-pow-Blam-pow.

I am not breaking his tank. At all. Got him down to 50%: woosh, right back up. I am thinking he has a nanite-repper module going full tilt. I don’t use them, so I don’t know their functionality (hell, I can’t even remember their actual name).

I finally dispatch the drone. I swtich over to Rage Nova (which is what I should have done in the beginning). NOW we’re getting somewhere…slightly. Christ.

My Vengeance DPS is anemic. Rockets are weak, and I focus more on tank than gank in my fit. But still, I should be breaking him.

Gate flash. Dramiel at 90km. Crud, what’s he gonna do?….oh crap, he’s driving up. I overheat. I might lose my ship, but I will kill this Incursus. I already had a little heat damage from trying to break through the reps earlier, so I am thinking I’ll just burn them out.

Dram is at 9km. Shit, shit shit. Burn, baby, burn. Damage is incoming from the Dram and his 3 Warriors…shit shit shit …

Incursus gives up the fight and goes boom….

I switch my targeting rapidly. I am thinking he’s a dual prop job  and will kite the fuck out of me, so I switch to Inferno Javelins. The dram doesn’t live long (relatively speaking) and dies.

Incursus pilot’s help dies with him. Love it.

Looking at the killmail on the Incursus– Dual rep! Holy cow. He took on 16k of my pitiful damage before dying. Nice. No web due to his cap booster. I was just able to blow through and catch him on a recharge cycle.

His buddy, well, is just a Dram fit. A dual prop would have at least allowed him to get away.

I wish I could have listened to their coms afterward. I wonder if his buddy will help him next time…

Combat started at 09:06:51

Dramiel started shooting at 09:11:52

Incursus blew up at 09:12:09

Dram was dead at 09:13:58

My shakes ended…well, some time after that.

Dram would have died faster had I not switched to Javelins. I should have stayed with my Nova Rage until I could see if he’d be kiting. No worries: a Vengeance can easily tank a Dram solo.

So, there you go. a LOOONG fight in frigate standards.

o7 and BZ to the Incursus pilot D’aron and his fit. It was a lot of fun.



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