The hunter -> the hunted -> the hunter

I pvp. Now, some pilots don’t consider what I do pvp’ing…for some reason. I always ask what the definition is, but never get a coherent response. It doesn’t matter if I am in a fleet or if I am soloing- because I use a mobile warp disruptor, it isn’t pvp.

Dictor pilots don’t pvp, either, I guess.

But like sitting in a duck blind, it is still hunting. Quack, quack.

I will happily sit my bubble, or more precisely, I sit at an off-grid pounce position. I do this when I am solo. I do not actually sit full time on it: that can be dangerous, depending on who comes in on the camped gate. It would be too easy to get tangled in a fight only to lose your ship to the 24 friends he has next door.

I will warp down to the bubble if I think a suitable prey is entering the system. Of course, shuttles and pods offer very little resistance. Thrashers and Sabres are a lot more fun. I don’t engage in anything much bigger in my Vengeance, my preferred solo ship. I can survive for quite a while, but active tanks and medium neuts are things I cannot counter in my setup.

You don’t throw yourself into a fight just hoping the other pilot is completely incompetent. I will try grabbing things I shouldn’t based on some silly assumptions, bad intel, just plain being stupid, … or even confusing one kind a ship for another (I thought it was an Astero). But I usually go in thinking I have an edge, that I can out damage or out-last my enemy.

So, in reality, when I am challenged for not pvp’ing, it is because my opponent (or opponents…you know, the others in the next system or cyno jump waiting to help) wants to fight knowing he has an advantage: ship size, speed, ewar, etc.

And sometimes they try to bring the fight anyways. I sit fairly close to the gate, so I have to be careful and monitor d-scan when ships enter the system. I did not engage a Stabber Fleet Issue over the weekend: I mean, come on…my pokey AB Vengeance would have a hard time keeping up if webbed, and his shield tank would be tough against my fit.

He had other ideas. He leaves system, and a buddy in an Anathema enters system. Since he’s from the camped side, I do not bother going to the bubble. I do take note of the same alliance/corp. Of course, I now see 8 combat probes on D. I zip to the opposite side of the system, playing cat and mouse, avoiding his probes. I go ahead and burn my original spot: I don’t know if he got a good snapshot and am not willing to take the risk. I decide to park my ship on the opposite gate. I had intel from the other side, so I was comfortable sitting there. With probes over head, I believe he thought he had me, because the Stabber entered system. I warp away again, not giving him any satisfaction.

Being hunted was fairly exhilarating. This is my playground, my neighborhood, my briar patch. They/he gave up and moved on after a while. I take a break myself and log next door.

When I return, I notice someone in system. Being a pipe system with no stations, you always need to be wary of unknowns. I ping my corp mates to see if it belonged to them. The answer was no. I zip around system and catch a simple Imparior on d-scan. I narrow the scan and see that he’s off-plane, but fairly close to the gate. I run and switch out to a probing ship. I arrange probes and take only four snapshots to get him 100%. I bookmark and switch back to my Vengeance.

Now, the ship switching takes time. I did let him see me in the Vengeance, but not the simple Heron to scan. I figured he would be long gone, in a different spot, or at least AB/MWDing.


He wasn’t.

Sitting AFK(?) on a mission gate. Oh, WTF. I target, half expecting him to activate the gate. Nope. Ship & pod go down quickly.

Now, being the hunter was even more fun than being hunted…but…um…WTF? I can’t come up with any plausible reason an unfit noob ship would be sitting on a mission gate. In null. AFK.

If anyone can give a plausible reason, I’d like to hear it. Bewildering.

That’s life in null: Hunter -> hunted -> hunter…….


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