Boredom blues

Slow weekend again…

I logged on a few times this weekend. My time zone in Curse (EVE +3) sucks, as well as my weekend: Friday and Saturday. I have more time available on Friday, which just doesn’t jive with my corp’s schedule. OUCH is a predominately US based corp. We do have a few Euros, but the big fleets come on Saturday nights. And I evidently missed a bunch of fun this Saturday.

Shit. An Archon kill? Really? Fuck me.

I probably could get up ultra early and play. I have done that in the past, but it only works for Friday night. Can’t really do it on Saturday as I have to catch a bus at 6 am my time (0300 EVE for the math disinclined). I will teach a class this evening at 1800 EVE, but that is about as late as I can do.

Saudi Arabia sucks.

It isn’t like I have a lot to do here anyway: no beer and no women.  My internet is crappy as well, so I do get dropped on occasion. Fortunately, it hasn’t been in the middle of a fight. So far, at least.

I see a bunch of Russian fleets, but that’s just it: they’re fleets. They’re not solo ships (minus the flood of fucking interceptors that now infest nullsec). I do have a few neighbors who roll through, trying to lure me into fights with a dozen buddies next door, or with ships with multiple neuts, or friggin’ Ishtars and Vagas.

I am not going to engage a HAC with a single assault frig. Not going to happen. Just move on.

I will take on T-1 cruisers for the most part. Ruppies and Stabbers for sure. Vexors are a slight maybe. I don’t like drones, and their highs are usually either small blasters and/or neuts. Thoraxes are also a possibility. Arbitrators are right out. Forget it. Heavy tanks and shit-tons of drones with possible neuts? Nope. Less likely that Vexors, although I’d still be hesitant on the latter.

Omen are a go, although I would really struggle against good tanks, unless I am flying an Enyo or Harpy. I usually don’t, and there would be no time to go switch. Mallers are still traps.

Caracals are a definite maybe, but they’d hurt a lot. And plinking on a Moa’s shield tank is also fun. And of the logi or ewar cruisers are a go as well, but the Caldari Blackbird may be a bit of a challenge. Let’s hope they fit multispecs.

Add a corpmate, and all cruisers are on the menu. It is amazing how much things change with a second AF.

But I am rambling, rambling because I am bored. I have watched a ton of YouTube sitting out in space. I stick my head in adjacent systems. Nothing…oh, wait, another 50 man Harpy fleet. No thanks.

I could go mine, mission, or explore. I do want to take a trip over to B-R5B and take a gander at the Titan wrecks. Maybe I will do that tonight before class. Maybe. I’ll post some pics here if I do.

Unlike a number of my corpmates, I don’t have a ton of extra accounts. We have a number who fly in WH corps or large alliances. In fact, they usually multibox while participating in our own fleets. I had posted a question on our forums about why people FC or why they don’t (we really don’t have restrictions on our FCs- we’re a training corp and we like to see people step up. Learning is by doing). I am finding out our veterans are usually doing something else.

Maybe I should be doing something else.

I have an alt account, but I have been thinking of adding a third. Go fly with Brave Newbies or duck into a WH corp. I really don’t want to do that with my current alt account, although my main on that one is a very strong Logi pilot, among other things. He has proven useful being “available”.

Maybe I should just move my main. Yes, I have been thinking about leaving good ol OUCH. I do enjoy flying with these folks. I also enjoy teaching and participating in our fleets. But, I am seeing more and more of the senior guys not wanting to. They want to fly with blues. They do not want to get corp fleets started. They do not teach, or take long breaks between holding classes. They’d rather play World of Tanks and sit in TeamSpeak than be in a fleet and do the same.

I don’t blame them. You can burn out. I don’t think there are many EVE vets out there that have sat in one corp their entire game life. Or, at least, haven’t had their corp in just one alliance. You can’t: it gets boring. We all need change.

I don’t want to be the OUCH vet paying attention to another character in another EVE life while going through the motions in OUCH. And I am not talking about a mining alt or the like. We have to pay our bills. So, having a Retriever sitting in a hisec asteroid belt, waiting for the inevitable gank, cycling lasers, is ok.

But I don’t need that. I am talking about flying and fighting. I am talking about doing things that take commitment, time and effort. I want to fly with folks doing the same.

I don’t want to be bored.

I just don’t know.



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