Much ado about nothing

CCP creates some art to celebrate their customers, and everyone goes apeshit. Let’s take a look, mmmkay?

OK, before we begin, read HERE

That’s the background. Some players have vocalized support; tons have lost their collective minds and have been spewing venom toward CCP.

WTH? This really isn’t an rage-able offense. Seriously. Has it taken away precious resources to fix a broken game? Nope. This is PR stuff, which has its own budget (I’m guessing here, but this is typical for corporations).

Some have complained that monuments should be dedicated to people who deserve such an edifice: war heroes, historic figures, sites of tragedies, etc. This isn’t a public funded monument. I can erect (hehehe….erect) anything I damn well want to on my property (git off my propertay!) and say it means that Bilbo Baggins is the greatest Pinochle player of all time. So what? Does it lessen other memorials? No.

It is a chunk of art that is the result of CCP’s ego. CCP has had a monstrous ego for years. They have released videos of them singing songs and loving themselves (HTFU anyone?). For crying out loud, they hold a FanFest every year (of which I will be attending this year.) to allow their patrons to worship at their feet. It is all about how CCP strokes itself. They love that people fawn over their game.

And that’s ok.

Hell, fawn over me….fawn over my manly parts. Please.

Nothing wrong with that (minus the dismal state of your mental health).

As far as the monument itself: it is an ugly chunk of art. The CCP side of it is really telling: a monolith without a face, without color, without caring, without compassion….a typical company. The player side, well, ick. Easter Island has much more character.

So, I don’t like it. I dislike it because it is an ugly example of Icelandic art, a Bjorked statue of dull proportions. I don’t dislike it for what it means, where it came from, or why it was decided that it was a good idea. I don’t care about those things. They are non-issues.

I just have good taste when it comes to art.


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