Blood flows red on the killboard

Drip, drip, drip….

What a crappy weekend. I felt out-of-sorts, and my killboard performance shows. I lost about 100 million ISK and came nowhere close in inflicting that much damage.

My first loss was just me and a corpy sitting on a bubble. It was late, we were both tired, and I goofed. A Condor had come into system and sat on a perch near our camp. I see that he has friends on the gate next door, so I decide not to fight. Just before I align to get away, the Condor warps down. I think “I can pop him pretty quick, well before his friends arrive…”. Oops. He pulls range immediately, has me pointed, kiting so happily at 20km. Fuck.

So, this happened. And then this.

My corpy, who had stayed because I was an idiot, died too.

Not a good start.

I reship and am alone later on. A local tries to engage me in his Stabber. I refuse at first, because there was a Moa on the gate next door. The Moa leaves, so I engage.

I knew his fit. I knew he was going to hit me with Hob IIs. I knew he had a neut and was going to apply serious cap pressure.

I still fought. Luck be a lady tonight.

She wasn’t.

I worked a bit on his shields. It looked like it would be a long fight, so I focused on drones as my cap disappeared pretty quickly. I struggled killing them in my Vengeance, even though I was loaded up with Inferno Rage. It took too long to kill them. Had I done so, I would have been able to stay in the fight. But I didn’t. I couldn’t manage to keep my transversal up and his 220mms caught up with me as I was unable to sneak in AB bursts.

It was a GF nonetheless. A solid two minute engagement.

Pod out and I reship…not much more traffic.

I log in later and my corp has a fleet up. I decide to bring out a Sentinel (in its ridiculous Rocket-sled design…damn thing is upside down) to provide neut and EWAR support.

A gang heads in. A bit more than we could chew. Guess who was primary.

I made a bunch of mistakes in that fight. I didn’t realize they had logi (fucking Navitas…still a mining frig in my head). I didn’t move my neuts to them to counter their reps. Primary was the dictor (long story on that, but the intention was to grab the dictor only via fleet tactics). I tunnel-visioned and kept everything on the dictor. I stayed too close and died. Most of our fleet escaped, but we lost 2 shinies.

I covered ECM during reshipping and held the fleet for a while. Not much else came to us.

So…just not a lot of traffic. I extended myself too much trying to get kills. Boredom leads to mistakes which leads to blood.

Bah. Maybe today will be better.



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