What they look like #1: Shuttles

A little change of pace

Artists spend a lot of time designing EVE ships. Some look better than others, but they all resemble something to me. So, I will start a feature where we’ll look at different ships and what they look like.


Shuttles are largely ignored, as they are cheap to make (blueprint only requires Trit to build), and are considered disposable items. But each has it’s own look and feel.

First up, the Minmatar Shuttle:

MInmatar shuttle

The best looking shuttle looks mean, like it could actually shoot something. It should. Of course, it looks like a TIE Interceptor. It’d be a bad-ass frig if it were upscaled.

Caldari Shuttle:

Caldari Shuttle

The second best looking shuttle, it also looks mean in an industrial sort of way. The winglets actually remind me of a Fisher-Price toy, but overall the original Colonial Viper overpowers the toy theme.

Gallente Shuttle:

Gallente Shuttle

I’ve always liked this shuttle. It is a very graceful looking ship, trying to be a work of art. End the end, though, it’s resemblance to a dog chew toy is what I think of.

Amarr Shuttle:

Amarr Shuttle

Space Frisbee. Needn’t more be said.



What a disappointing looking ship. Fortunately, I don’t see many flying around. Ick.

The other shuttles in game are just fancy versions of the hulls above. I will be looking at the Amarr frigs the next time I do this feature.


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