26 Reasons

I have 26 reasons to hate us

As a tradition when we hit certain milestones, OUCH formed an all-ECM-bonused ship fleet. We rely heavily on ECM tanking, so this Rainbow Fun Fleet is a great tribute to our way of fighting.

Now, not every ship had ECM, and not every ECM ship was ECM only. How would you know what we had before engaging? We had a very well stacked fleet think about it, and decided to pass. They had the edge on speed and DPS…but could they really have known that? Great for the lulz, but not necessarily perfect fleet doctrine. Here’s a vid of one of the few poor souls who were snared by this rather…gay…fleet.

Listen closely and you can hear Ze call in a jam from his trusty Rook.

I have said before, ECM has an immense love/hate relationship in EVE. ECM is not perfect, far from it. Falcon losses hurt, and OUCH knows all-to-well that ECM is a dice roll.

Thanks to Willie Horton for the Fraps.


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