I am definitely not a fan of time dilation. Neither should you.

This post was meant to come out last Monday, so I apologize for the delay. I am starting to sound like a bitter old vet (BOV), so I will keep this rant short. I’ll try to be a bit more uplifting in the subsequent posts.Maybe not: dev blogs are out.

During the brief time I was able to log in while I was stuck in the US, I found that my corp had a small fleet up. Wanting to get me pew in, I get the ok to be in a stealth bomber and undock. Well….it took a while.

For some reason, my home system, with a passing fleet numbering at about 90, was in full tidi. Unbelievable. The fleet was a frig roam, so they couldn’t have been responsible. And the tidi varied from 10-20% for the next 10 minutes or so. A cyno was up outside my station, so I targeted….slowly….and killed a Imparior…in a Stealth Bomber….in 10% tidi. Unreal. And if you don’t know what tidi is, reads this: http://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Time_Dilation

There is no way I could play in that. In fact, I logged off in space, combat timer be damned. How in the world could a gamer play an action game in tidi? I pity the poor Apoc driver or SlowCat stooge drowning in the “soul crushing lag”. There is no enjoyment in that. Why would you even bother login in for something like that?

I have been playing for many years now. I remember when HED-GP was THE battle, circa 2010; a server smoking fight where the battle was decided by the inability of hardware to keep up. Something had to be done. Tidi was, and is, the answer. But it sucks.

Gameplay has far outpaced software and hardware status. EVE is cutting edge, it has to be, but there is definitely a disconnect here. How could this of happened?

My first online gaming was farting around with friends with the Quake mod Team Fortress. 1997 technology, with dial up connections and lag induced just by the distance you were from the server (much less baud rate and Pentium power) automatically limited your gameplay. You couldn’t squeeze 20 players in, and 2000 was a fanciful jest. You played that way because any other way would remove the fun.

So, where’s the fun in tidi?

The game mechanics allow for 2000+ player battles. In fact, it demands it. As corporations have joined to become alliances, which then have become coalitions, just holding onto sovereignty insists larger and larger fleets be assembled. Damage, scouts, logistics, command….they all have to be represented, in larger numbers than ever before.

I believe that the reason gameplay was allowed to evolve far beyond the capabilities of the hardware was that, well, CCP needed to keep the playerbase. CCP actively advertises these massive battles, trying to lure more money, er, players in. With many lackluster expansions, what else could CCP hang their hat on? The Megabattles must exist!

There is always the bitching about how sov is broken; how nullsec is dying and needs repair. Nothing could be further from the truth: CCP wants this. They need this. Like a junkie needing just a little bit more for his fix, so does CCP need just a little bigger fight. Fixed mechanics won’t allow for that. Subscription rates won’t allow for that. YouTube videos would be relegated to wormhole adventures or mining 101s. Ratting doesn’t make CNN; missioning doesn’t get Google hits.

So, to allow for the brokenness to fester, we have the band-aid: tidi. In a year, will tidi expand to 20 seconds? I mean, 10,000 man fights are possible, right?

Only in CCP’s wettest dreams.

Fixing the gameplay will fix the tidi issue. Gameplay will start to align with the hardware again. Then EVE can move forward.


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