CSM Elections

…and why I really don’t care

OK, I was going to post a rant about time dilation, but the semi-tacky broadcast email I received today from Trebor Daehdoow got me a little riled up. At first I thought it was a nice message, one that thanked the EVE community and encouraged player participation in the voting process.


Then he linked a website of his that explains the CSM (Council of Stellar Management) and what they are about.

Also cool.

THEN he says that HIS recommendations for CSM are on there.


The issue I have with that is my spamming my inbox, or at least being allowed to, gives him a position to influence the outcome, more so than the average Joe or Joe-blogger. Yes, he is entitled to whatever opinions he has, but you don’t come out and say “I am the CSM incarnate and you shall really vote for these guys because they are awesomesauce” while acting as the official CSM leader.

Just not cool. But, to his credit, he seems to be an upright guy that has done well, has a good blog, and probably didn’t intend this to be anything other than informational. And I voted for him before. More than once, actually. And he’s a DNS guy: we love DNS.

So, to counteract this, I have begrudgingly looked at the candidacy and made some selections, which I will share to all 3 of you who follow this blog. Lucky devils.

A little background:

I’ve been playing EVE since 2009. I have voted in CSMs up to and through 6. After that, I didn’t give a shit.


CSM-5 was probably the best CSM group ever. Mynxee ran a tight ship and she and the rest changed how the CSM operated. It was really the first time CCP was truly challenged by the monster they created.

And it was delicious.

Mazzilliu, Korvin, Mynxee, TeaDaze, Trebor Daehdoow, Meissa Anunthiel, Sokratesz, Dierdra Vaal, and Vuk Lau all did a great job. Of course, it was the usual suspects when it came to representation: Pandemic Legion, Agony Empire, Initiative Mercenaries, Rooks and Kings, Triumvirate, Ivy League and Morsus Mihi. Only Mynxee was with a small group: Veto Corp. Nice.

You do see, though, that it is the big alliances that are the most represented (big at the time, mind you). But that is the case everywhere: Democrats and Republicans are well represented in American politics, while Libertarians, Constitutionalists, Greens, and Socialists are not. More people and popularity means they stay in power.

Which is what made Mynxee’s win so nice.

Then CSM-6 rolled around. Mynxee was not going to run again (she quit EVE BTW she’s back! See comments section). And thus, the rise of the Goons in EVE official politics: The Mittani was elected numero uno.

And then I quit CSM voting.

For such a polarizing character to be on the CSM much less leading the thing shows that the system wasn’t going to work. And there isn’t a way to fix it without changing the herd mentality of the average human. It would be like Rush Limbaugh being elected President of the United States.

Let that sink in for a minute.

And he did make an ass of himself, so that shows people are stupid. Not always, but usually.

So, we fast forward to the present. Our DNS lovers have DNS Black running for CSM. I have flown with this guy and like him. So, this is an easy choice.

How many votes do I get? 14? WTH? Most of these cats are people I wouldn’t want on the CSM, so why should I vote for them? 14 votes for, what, 9 positions? 14 votes actually water down your power, not increase it. ONE vote gives you power.

EVE gets only 5 votes from me. Tough shit.

Ze’s rules-

  • No returning candidates. This is a new rule, but I am unhappy with the game’s direction.
  • No Goons. Ever.
  • No Brave Newbies.
  • Prefer small alliances.
  • No major polarizing figures.


DNS Black. Obviously.

Sugar Kyle. Faction warfare specialist, which isn’t me but is close. And she’s a she. Eve needs the minority representation.

Asayanami Dei. Wormholer. YouTuber. And is about as close to how Ze plays as DNSBlack does.

Psychotic Monk. (and here, evidently, but isn’t updating)Pirating and ganking are what I do, just out in null…now I DO have a character I like to gank with in hisec. Pirates make the BEST CSM members.

And finally:

Riverini. Forgoing my polarizing character rule, I voted for him as the Anti-Mittani. Strictly out of spite.

In reality, the CSM doesn’t represent me, nor can I run for a spot to be able to represent my game, Ze’s game (due to RL obligations…I live in Saudi Arabia as well….exit visas!). EVE keeps moving to support the bigger: Insanely huge fights and monstrous alliances. CCP promotes a sandbox that doesn’t exist. Independents are ignored. Lone figures or smoke-filled back rooms decide what happens. I feel the CSM is toothless after CSM-5.

I hope for the better. But I am not holding my breath.


2 thoughts on “CSM Elections

  1. “It would be like Rush Limbaugh being elected president of the United States”… Please don’t even joke about something like that.

    I understand your frustration, and it agree with you on nullsec alliances having all the pull in the polls really dilutes the representation of Eve players. The one thing that helps bring things into perspective for me is acknowledging that we even have the ability to vote for representatives to mediate between CCP and the greater player base. Although those reps, who kinda, sorta (but not really) have a tiny influence on CCP’s thoughts and ideas, remind me of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq: it’s election time in Iraq; CCP is Saddam, the CSM are running against Saddam for the presidency, and we are the voters. Our votes cast means nothing because CCP Saddam will kill off the CSM and keep doing what he wants to do. The elections were only there to make us feel like we have some say.

    -Disclaimer: no CSM candidates were harmed during this post. All scenarios and analogies were strictly for dramatization purposes. Please don’t try this at home. All rights reserved.

  2. Hey, guess what? I’m back 🙂 But only to kamikaze around low sec mainly in frigates looking for a good fight. No CSM campaigns or srs bsns this time around. Girls just want to have fun, as the old song goes. Although I disagree somewhat with your “dilution” reasoning about voting a slate of candidates, I am glad you voted. And thanks so much for your kind words about CSM5 and my role in that. Possibly the most stressful time of my life, honestly! But in hindsight, seems worth it considering where CSM has evolved to today.

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