Heading to Iceland so very soon


For probably the only time in my life, I am headed to Iceland. Not that I wouldn’t want to visit (I LOVE hot springs), it’s just that my family prefers places warmer…and in the continental United States.

Their loss.

So, I look forward to EVE Fanfest. I am going to get to hang out with the same cats I hang out with in TeamSpeak. I will drink lots of beer. I will leer at women who are less clad than those here in Saudi. I might actually attend a panel or two (although, to me, the planned schedules are pretty light from CCP…then again, how many different aspects of EVE could you talk about?).

I want the goodies. I want to buy EVE shit.

I want to drink.

Sounds like it will be the place for me.

I plan to do some video and some still shots of the trip. I have nothing planned more than: Get Taxi, go to hotel, make contact with corpmates, and do stuff. I won’t be renting a car as I would normally do when I travel. I figured we will be hanging out in the walk-able areas of Reykjavik, so a car would be a waste. Taxis should suffice.

When I used to travel heavily, those with my company used this motto:

What happens on the road stays on the road.

There are many variations of the phrase (e. g. what happens TDY stays TDY, what happens onshore stays onshore, what happens on tour stays on tour). The idea is that while you are away from home and responsibilities, you can be as much of a jackass you want. Or as little. You have freedom.

I tend to follow this idea. Now, I don’t keep secrets from Mrs. Ze or anything, but I like to think I let my hair down some when I travel.

Just a little. I am a 40+, fat, gaming American. Only trouble I can get into is over-tipping…usually.

Then, of course, if I did do other things…they would have stayed on the road, right?


How do YOU travel? Do you keep quiet about Vegas? Do you be wild? Why/why not?

More to come-


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