CSM9 Results

Before I get into Fanfest stories, I do want to address the CSM results first.

I was able to talk to Trebor Daehdoow about things while in Iceland. I was a little critical on him, but his shotgun Evemail was purely benign. He’s a good guy and I wish him well.

Now, on to the results.

First off, let me say that every character I mention is piloted by a real person. I honestly believe that each person elected wants to do well in their own way. I don’t think anyone is out to hurt the game or make things unfair to the majority of the player base.

With that said, I will also be critical of them. They ran for a political office, so as a player, I will get to be an asshole. This does not mean I am criticizing the type of person they are, because I don’t know any of them personally.

My picks:

DNS Black. Nope.

Asayanami Dei. Nope.

Psychotic Monk. Nope.

Riverini. Nope.

Sugar Kyle. Yes.

So, 1 out of 5. Not good, Ze. I think SK will do well and be a great addition, but let’s look at who she’ll be dealing with (The candidate profiles are 404’d, so I am strictly going off memory):

Ali Aras (Permanent Attendee) – NOIR cat. Should be ok, but as a mercenary, the focus may be toward non-Ze things. Returning CSM member, so that’s a strike already, but will give a +1

Corbexx – No Holes Barred wormholer. Meh.  0

Corebloodbrothers – Volition Cult Providence player. Wants CCP to do what they want and not really listen to the CSM when it comes to changes. No idea why he ran other than a free ride to Iceland occasionally. 0

DJ FunkyBacon– EVE Radio dude. Just a miss by the voting folks. -1

Major JSilva– Pandemic Legion stooge. -1

Matias Otero– Brave Newbie  **facepalm** -1

Mangala Solaris– RvB and returning member. Hi-sec PvP. Funny how RvB benefitted from those hisec POCO changes. Swing and a miss. -1

Mike Azariah– CSM8 dude and so non-Ze it is sickening. Writes a good blog, though. 0

Mynnna– Goon. Enough said. -1

Progodlegend – Nulli Secunda. Big Alliance and CSM8 dude. *sigh* -1

Sion Kumitomo (Permanent Attendee)– Another Goon **slams head on desk** -1

Steve Ronuken– Ran on a platform representing 3rd party developers. I’m cool with that, as I use a number of 3rd party apps. +1

Sugar Kyle+1, of course.

Xander Phoena– Gentleman’s Agreement. Former bubble-head, he is about as close to a Ze as can be on this council. While I don’t like large alliances, his style of play tends to be medium & small gang. +1

So, out of 14, I have 4 +1s, 3 0s, and 7 -1s for a grand total of -3. Even if I made the 0s into 1s, that’s still a cumulative score of 0.

Not good for old Ze.

So, there you go. I see that the Goons will have strong influence in this CSM. I also see that we will have some do-nothings aboard. And folk like SK will have a hard time it seems to push their agenda.

Maybe I’m too cynical.

Stand by for a more cheerful post about my trip to Iceland!



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