EVE Fanfest: Valkyrie

One of the things I was able to experience in Iceland was Valkyrie.


The wait in queue was absolutely worth the 5 minutes of flight time. I have never had a game experience like this one. It was incredible.

The Valkyrie game is played with the amazing Oculus Rift system, which includes a headset and head tracking camera. We were able to use the Developer Kit 2 version. The headset was comfortable, although I wore it without my glasses. I assume production versions will allow one to focus each eyepiece, forgoing my need for the eyeglasses.

The game itself is a first person spaceship game, tying in with the EVE Online Universe. You are a Valkyrie, a mercenary-ish group in fighters. Something like that. Read HERE for more info.

There is a leader chic (whose name escapes me), voiced by Starbuck (no, not Dirk Benedict, the cute blonde one). That announcement brought many hard-ons to the keynote. I didn’t recognize the name because I don’t watch much television and I have not seen the new Galactica. Sue me.

I waited in-line, strapped in after some instruction, and FUCKING WAS BLOWN AWAY. The graphics in this “pre-alpha” were smooth; the resolution was crisp. It took me a bit to figure out the missiles, but the autocannons worked great. There was a 4 on 3 dogfight. I went toe-to-toe with someone (we believe it was my corpmate Roi Defenestre). Neither of us died, but we wouldn’t have cared otherwise.




As the first title I’ve seen with the OR, Valkyrie should be a hit in the market. I can imagine what other titles would look like, FPS battles, adventure games, etc.

OR is pretty bad-ass.

You can really run out of adjectives to describe Valkyrie and OR. CCP is doing the right thing by developing this title. I foresee many gamers not leaving their house after this is released. Mothers will cry and fathers will gnash their teeth.

Too bad. They should get a turn, too, ya know.





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