Fanfest Impressions

OK. This is my last post on my trip to Fanfest. And, no, I still haven’t finished my video. I did too much fleet, too much teaching and mentoring, and too much Minecraft this last week to get it done. As soon as I do, I’ll link it.

Of course, I don’t think it will be that good. I didn’t take as much video as I thought I did. And I managed to misplace my camera one day. Booze, ya’ll.

To start off with, the Harpa Center feels too small for the fest. While an interesting design, and a nightmare for those with OCD, the smaller rooms are, well, small. I saw a number of people stacked up in the community discussions. I didn’t participate in any of those, but if I were to, I’d been kinda ticked about the lack of room.

The Harpa is probably the only place to hold the event, though, in Reykjavik. Maybe unused time in the larger rooms could be better utilized? I don’t know.

The food there was good, albeit pricey. And good luck in finding a restroom: the bottom floor rooms are a scavenger hunt. The second floor ones are much easier to access. Of course, they are small. Evidently, Icelanders don’t piss when attending conferences.

The swag you get when you sign in is lacking. A badge with EVE bling-ed badgeholder, a badgeholder form Razer, a t-shirt, and a small poster (which didn’t survive the trip). Disappointing. The EVE store swag had a bit of variety. I picked up a few t-shirts there, but they aren’t nice Hanes Beefy T’s, rather some poly blend that doesn’t absorb my fat man sweat as well as good ol’ brushed cotton. *sigh*. Not much else was to be had. I would have liked a mug, I think, but I was too worried about transit.

CCP brought out a tattoo artist, and one of our motley crew got a pretty kick-ass Amarr tat. Looked real good. You could also get your mug done up in character makeup. Not my gig, but the females dolling it up looked good.

The PvP room was nice. OUCH spent a lot of time there. We enjoyed the 5 on 5 fights, but would have liked to fit our ships the way we wanted them. Of course, CCP was trying to get as many groups through, and fitting would take time, so I’m cool with that. Getting used to how others would fit ships I would normally fly took some getting used to. Shield tanked Enyos, though, are an abomination.

I attended a few speakers, some with the gang, some solo. Of course, the keynotes took center stage. We actually watched the big finale from the PvP room. The video feed cut out during the last 5 minutes of CCP Seagull’s big reveal, so we had to wait for our “new” member’s recap (some folks we picked up by sheer chance. They are now students in OUCH).

We had our CEO Bren Genzan speak during the Coaching It Up presentation. Shameless plug here. And thank you DNSBlack for bringing the Jim Beam. I had a few swigs of it. Yum. Nothing like backwash and booze to make a happening party.

I was satisfied with most of the presentations. And the Valkyrie demo was too good for words. I attended the B-R5 recap presentation and asked a question. The response…well…I didn’t like it. And in fact, it will be the subject of a post (and possibly an EVEVegas talk????) to come later.

I did not attend the party on top of the world. I had an early flight out and was afraid I’d miss my taxi. Of course, I still passed out in my room and the front desk clerk had to bang on my door as I overslept. No worries; I had plenty of time as traffic was light.

The best times, though, were getting to hang out in RL with people I’ve only known through the computer. No, voices didn’t match faces. Or beards. The beer flowed as well as the Scotch. I got to have some high level meetings with the staff as well as drunkardly fun chasing women in town. And eating waffles.

CCP has pushed EVE as a group game. If you aren’t in a corp with a bunch of players, you can’t win EVE. I have resisted that notion. I liked my independence before coming to OUCH. I criticized CCP every step of the way. Sandboxes need solo players, too.

But CCP is right. The game is better with a gang. And thinking of going to Fanfest solo? A big mistake. You’ve gotta go with at least one mate. You’ll miss out on the fun.

And we play the game for fun.

Overall, it was a good experience. I don’t think I’d attend again unless the circumstances were perfect. It is just too pricey for what you get.


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