Why we camp

We as a corp get asked why we bubble camp a lot. We are queried by our students (which is expected), but we also get interrogated by our neighbors, our targets, and the EVE population in general.

Here at OUCH, we camp because:

  1. It is convenient. Not having to catch up with a roaming fleet is nice. We know where the fleet is 95% of the time. We can have jump clones and medical clones set up within a short distance.
  2. It is schedule flexible. We don’t have to start planning bubble camps days in advance. We can have people come and go as they please. The camp is basically static. All time zones can participate.
  3. Fleet composition is also flexible. As people come and go, we can reship readily to maintain the necessary support fleet for our students.
  4. It is the small step needed for our students to enter the world of PvP. We don’t teach solo PvP. We also don’t expect a new EVE player to suddenly know his place in a roaming fleet. There is much more complexity there.
  5. Ease of teaching. Along with #4 above, teaching the basics of tackling and small gang PvP is much easier to manage for the FC and staff in a camp.
  6. Stepping stone for staff members to become FCs. We are always adding new staff members, all with different EVE backgrounds. With a manageable fleet in familiar surroundings, we can start developing FCs and increasing their confidence in decision making.
  7. Regular traffic. We have historical data to show camps have fairly consistent kills. Even when times are slow, we get kills. Not the same can be said when it comes to roaming fleets.
  8. Ability to choose fights. For the most part, we can decide whether or not to take on opposing fleets, with plenty of time to mull tackle plans and EWAR strategies.
  9. Defenders have an advantage. “Invincibility lies in the defense; the possibility of victory in the attack.”-Sun Tzu.
  10. It royally pisses off dedicated roamers.

We could identify another reason or two, but the gist is this:

We camp because it is best for OUCH.


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