You have THAT guy in corp?

You know, THAT guy.

The annoying one? The one you can’t stand? The one you want to tell to STFU anytime he speaks?

The one who drives you bat-shit crazy?

OUCH is an open university. We have an ever-changing corporation composition. Students come and go; the staff changes a tad bit slower. We have to deal with all personality types from all over the world.

And some guys will drive you bonkers.

And they might not bother anyone else. They just rub you wrong.

I used to have an alliance mate that bothered me so much, I’d come up with an excuse to drop fleet anytime he joined.

I just wanted to shoot him in the face.

With a bazooka.

Well, really a LAW rocket. Those were cool.


Airborne Ranger was one of my favorite C-64 games.

Anyway, I can’t always drop fleet nowadays. I have to grin and bear it and scream at the PC with the finger of the mic key.

But the snark sometimes slips.

What do you do when you have THAT guy?


I lost my Vengeance (and pod) in a GF. I shouldn’t have lost, but I did. I am not sure why, but am not too bent out of shape. I actually wasn’t sure I was in my pod until too late. The ship exploded with no noise or anything. We were toe-to-toe in hull, so I expected him to die. Go figure. The difference to the whole fight was a 300+ HP wrecking shot to me to start off.

Sometimes the dice rolls in your favor. GF, though.



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