WTH again, Ze?

What, I’ve been gone?

Ok, ok. I have been severely lax about updating. Ok, 1 year of severely lax.

Sue me.

Well, don’t. Just give me ISK. Yes, that always makes things better.

I went on vacation to the US last year and never remembered to pick up the pen. Sorry.

I’ll do better.

I have had many ideas I wanted to write about in my corp forum. Then, I’d think, “Hey, why don’t you just write about it on that blog of yours? You know, the one you keep shelling out real American sawbucks for the domain?”

I be lazy, yo.

So, I will make it my mission to post again. With all the changes via the CCP Come-back-to-EVE-we-have-new-content-and-ship-skins Program, it has been hard to keep up with what is going on.

And, hell, I’ve been in game. Words like Confessor, Jackdaw and Svipul  are on everyone’s lips…as well as OP and Nerf. Lots of Nerf. And some bullshit call tiercide or something.

We’ll get to all of that in good time.

So, standby for more content.  Or you can broadcast for updates. Either way.



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