Local focal

And some gush over Mukk

MukkBarovian is a pilot I’d love to fly with someday. I have a lot of respect for him. I’ve shot at him; he’s shot at me. We’ve kinda shot at things together. I’ve chit-chatted in local a few times. I’ve seen him sigh as he herds cats in large fleets as they’ve come stomping through in the past. And I read his posts over at Crossing Zebras.

Who knows, he might be a total ass in person. I don’t know. I only know about what I see in game.


I also disagree with his thoughts on local:  http://crossingzebras.com/remove-local-so-i-can-pwn-noobs/

Eve is a social game. Without local, you wouldn’t necessarily know a casual acquaintance has sauntered into your system. You can’t build on friendships that way. I have made several friends just because I’d see them in local over time. I have avoided the ship spinning blues early in my EVE career because I saw folks in system I could trust enough to at least mission with.

And, of course,  CCP believes you MUST NOTplay EVE solo. Absolutely fucking not. No way.

WH space is different. You don’t go setting up stuff by yourself in there. You wouldn’t be able to defend it. And Sleepers, they be hard. So, your social net is already set up. You don’t need local. In fact, CCP should disable it altogether. Let WH space be super mysterious.

Mukk suggests a compromise: get rid of names/corps, only show numbers. However, that doesn’t satisfy the need of the social aspect. And hi-sec would be full of “Hey, Joe Yousuckateve, are you in here?” Jita would even be more annoying, although I do admit it might trim a bit of lag if local was empty.

I propose this: Leave Empire/Pirate space alone. Allow sov holders to determine whether or not local exists in their system.

That’s right, give the sov holders a bit of control in the system they “own”. Imagine the different strategies that could be used in sov. Leave border local on to help out scouts. Leave interior off to hide operations. Change them when you move fleets to keep the fleet secret to the casual observer. Put a one hour cooldown between changes or the like. Make holding certain areas even more important.

Make sov more interesting.

And make folks like Mukk happy…or just less bitter.


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