Why I left EVE Online

This will most likely be a long and rambling post. I feel the need to bring closure to this blog as well as express my issues. Feel free to ignore it.

I have left EVE Online. No, I haven’t burned the ships yet by giving away all my stuff, but I have pulled the automatic renewals. One account just went to “Alpha”, and the others will follow at some point.

How did I get to this point?

There are many issues, so I will break it down to some bullet points.

  • Free time. I haven’t had that much free time in the last few years. Before I moved to Saudi in 2013, I had tons of time. I also had a bunch of time while I was in Saudi, but had a lot of connectivity issues, so I didn’t get to play as much as I had wanted to. I moved back to the USA in 2017, so life was in upheaval as I also retired from my employer. Then, it was off to another project, where 2019 was 6 days a week, 12 hours a day supporting it. It was crazy.
  • Health. I became very ill the latter part of 2018, requiring a few hospitalizations. My thyroid had also checked out, so I am still getting meds to right that ship to this day. I had no energy to devote to gaming.
  • Corp inactive. As you have read in other posts, I had been an instructor in OUCH for years and years. As the game shifted, new recruits became few, and our own corp members moved on, fewer and fewer were online. At least, online in EVE. We do have core members who play other games, and still are on TeamSpeak. The friendships haven’t dissolved.
  • EVE has changed. I am trying to avoid putting the “Bitter Vet” hat on, but god damn, the game has gotten lousy. I tried jumping back in to do some solo stuff when Covid broke out and I was stuck in the house. Jesus, it is crap. Why do I say that?
    • In order to provide new content, CCP has added new challenges (Trivalian, Triglycerin, Triwhatever), invasions, all sorts of stuff to provide interest. Unfortunately, as with the Incursions, it means large groups needed. It is the same thing, just with a new face.
    • More ships. Not only did we add more tiers of ships, but added a whole new “race” of ships. Because… content? Everyone likes new shinys. My gameplay started to fade out just about the time tier 2 dessies were introduced. I can’t even name anything newer. And certainly couldn’t instruct anyone.
    • Balance! Because CCP has never been one to shy away from the Nerf gun, all my favorite ships were nerfed in some way or another. Hell, some ships couldn’t fly anymore because of the new “balanced” items. Less DP! Less Tank! Because reasons!
    • ECM is dead. When you have spent years flying a doctrine around ECM and it dies, employing a new tactic requires investment and time. Also, this is “I Have 7 Reasons For You To Hate Me”. Now it’s “Many reasons not to play”
    • The good guys are gone. People I enjoyed flying with, people I enjoyed reading about, people who believed in the way I liked the play….they’re all gone. There was a time where I was very concerned about who was on the CSM. But, with no disrespect to anyone personally, they’re just a bunch of big alliance fucktards. And they’ve been hit so many times with a Nerf that the CSM is basically toothless/pointless.
    • Korean owned CCP is bad, bad, bad. Steady money, but its about making money not making engaging content. There is a difference. Original CCP tried. This one….no
    • Keepstars? I left when we still had POS. Because they were bad? I have no idea. Now I can’t go into a trade route without them flooding my screen.
    • A bunch of other gameplay changes that just don’t sit right or just don’t work for me. It’s a different game. I could go on and on, but I’d have to research them to know about them. Hell, I didn’t even know the ECM nerf happened until I was in a mission where the jamming rat SHOULD have forced me to lose targets, but didn’t.
  • EVE hasn’t changed. The broken things are still broken! Or if not broken, not updated. When is the last time a level 4 mission was made? They are the same as they were years ago. At least I can still solo them in a Tengu, even with the fucking resistance nerf. I think I have enough of Kruul’s DNA or enough lame ‘Right Hand of Zazzmatazz’ implants.
  • CCP believes, whole heartedly, without a doubt, that the only, ONLY, way to play the game is within a large active company. It doesn’t have to be a sov company, just a large active company. ANY other gameplay, anything else you think a sandbox WOULD allow you to play, will not be supported. This has been the theme since I started play in 2009, but jeez it has gotten more so. Yes, you can solo. Yes, you can have 1-man corps. Yes, you can explore whatever by your lonesome. But nothing new will ever come your way. And they’ll nerf whatever you are trying to do/use and buff whatever the advantages a large corp has.

In the end, the content, the people, my health, and life in general don’t jive. I did a D & D campaign for a while (before I got sick). That was engaging. Kerbal Space Program has been engaging (to a point, I stopped after the lack of new company produced things has become apparent).  I enjoy playing games, just no where near as much as I used to.

 I might hop on once in a while but am not resubbing.

As far as this blog and domain, I’ll probably hang on to it for another year, just to be sure, but I will take the auto-renew for the domain off, and let it die.

Cheers. Feel free to email me if you’d like. I do check that mailbox on occasion (that’s 7reasonsblog at the gmail service, btw).

Fly dangerous…or not at all.

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