About Zurakaru Ze & this blog

I have been an EVE gamer for the last…umm…well, since August 2009. I think that’s a pretty damn long time, especially for a game.

I used to blog over at Ore, Pirates & Pods, but stopped some time ago. It wasn’t like writing was boring; it was the need to focus on gaming while trying to balance family life.

But, I am back. And as a more mature player, not the newbie learning about EVE, I decided to re-invent my blog to make it more like what I am now…

So, what am I now? I am a senior member of OUCH (The Open University of Celestial Hardship). I have been training the uninitiated of nullsec since May 2011 when I became an instructor. I focus mainly on the PvP aspect of EVE as well as train FCs in the finer parts of FC-ing. I’m EVE +3, living in the grand Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

And I fly Falcons. And Griffins. And Rooks (♥). And Blackbirds. And Kitsunes (not that often…too brittle). I am a beloved member of my fleets, and am completely despised by my enemies.

In my Falcon, I have 7 reasons for you to hate me.

Hate away.

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